"If there was a better way to build speakers, we would do it."

Bo Bengtsson

Newsbreaking patented Swedish
Ribbon speakers and drivers
        Designed for the most demanding music lovers

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Feratured article in THE GUARDIAN about luxury Christmas Gifts in general including the Transmission Audio Ultimate speaker:


The CD-cover of the Transmission Audio reference-CD

Transmission Audio now in the STS Digital recording studio

One of the finest recording companies in the World, (STS Digital) got so fond of Transmission Audio´s smallest M1i-speaker that they decided to use them as monitors for analyzing of micro-details in their recordings. This is remarkable if not sensational and an acknowledgement of our open, true ribbon systems.

In cooperation with Transmission Audio´s distributor for Be-Ne-Lux and Germany, Tingsha Audio, it was decided to release a special ultra-high quality-CD that fully describes the unique combination of sound quality and STS Digital's ability to catch the quality all the way.

The reference CD can be ordered by an email to:   TingshaAudio@gmail.com 

Featured article in BusinessWeek  Click here for the link
International reps, distributors and retailers:
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A warm welcome to our newest US retailer; ESSENTIAL AUDIO, IL!

 - Click here for a feature article on the Clip-on ribbon at "Enjoy the Music.com"

Update: In Positive feedback magazine, issue 60, march/april 2012, you can read an interesting test report about Transmission Audio M1i speaker: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue60/transmission.htm

Transmission Audio M1i in one of STS Digitals listening rooms.
STS Digital choose Transmission Audio M1i

"Dear friends, we have now in our  STS DIGITAL dvd/blue ray demo room the Transmissionaudio M1 i loudspeaker.

This loudspeaker is the hottest and most comprehensive speaker that gets five stars from the STS Golden ears club...  Here we recognise a company, (TA), that takes the hi-fi industry in groundbreaking new directions... and they will go to higher grounds, we know!

STS DIGITAL love the speaker and gives it a recommendation you can trust... because we love music... we love to record it... and we love a well sounding play back."

STS Digital is a company, very well known in audiophile circles, - their recordings are world class and are made in collaboration with world renowned labels such as CBS, Mercury, Columbia and Philips. Older recordings are brought back to life. They are (sa)cd released after the tapes are refreshed.

"We have a winner! Thanks for the opportunity to carry the brand.I am very excited to get customers to hear these beauties. They also looks amazing . My wife loves them."

Fernando Cruz
cruzeFIRST Audio, Florida
  (About the M1i speakers)

Please scroll down for more testimonials.

 Announcement: Updating our reference speaker:

Megatrend MkII with the new MkIII woofer embedded
The all new Megatrend MkIII
- Updating of a Classic-

Our full frequency open dipole reference-speaker system Megatrend MkII is now upgraded to MkIII status, available in Black Glossy Grand Piano Finish. Gone are the old composite chassis woofers, replaced by brand new proprietary die casted woofers with new suspension, new spiders and a new motor structure. Furthermore the older ribbons are now replaced by a new metal alloy and stronger magnets, resulting in an enhancement of micro-details beyond belief.

 Megatrend MkIII represents a landmark in the history of audio. Even since the introduction of the first generation, this has been a true best-seller, appreciated for its unique musicality, high sensitivity and unsurpassed resolution and definition.

With an overall sensitivity of +100dB into a 6 Ohm load, it is an easy drive for any good quality amplifier from 15 Watts(!) and up. The open dipole configuration makes it totally transparent - the limitation will be the listening room itself. If you want it loud, the Megatrends are able to produce up to 129dB at 4.800W music power. If you want it soft, you will find that playing at low levels gives you more detail than you have ever heard before. Maybe the former world renowned jazz musician Red Mitchell said it best, when he stated: "The best loudspeaker you have never heard - you only hear the music!" (No longer available with the old woofers)

Transmission Audio M1i
IMPRESSIONS from a dealer:

Click on the picture to the left to get the full article on what a top class US audio retailer had to say after listening to our little M1i speaker for an extended period of time or click HERE.

From Brian Kurtz:


My impressions thus far….


For those too impatient to read the whole thing, "I LOVE THESE LITTLE MIRACLES!"

Transmission Audio M1i
US Impressions of the M1i speaker:

"These speakers are crazy good."

You can read the full article by going to http://audiograb.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/first-impressions-transmision-audio-m1i-monitors/ for more info or by simply clicking on the picture to the left.

We are happy to inform you that the numbers of US retailers are increasing by the day. For more info, please contact Chris Sommovigo, at The Signal Collection. Chris will be reached at :chris@TheSignalConnection.com

You already can, or will shortly be able to listen to the Transmission Audio speakers in:


Testimonials from musiclovers in the Be-Ne-Lux countries:

1 - This is something I didn’t expect – at the first look I frowned my eyebrow, but what a surprise at the first notes! With your eyes closed it sounds like a top system!

2 - That THIS can be reproduced by such a small speaker: big challenge for the bigger and more expensive systems.

3 - Magnificent loudspeaker! I mainly listen to choirs and human voices. Very precise and correct reproduction.

4 - I don’t record any sweet spots – what a musical stage and performance , never heard from such a speaker of these dimensions.

5 - I didn’t believe anything of what JP said, and you had to laugh because my mouth fell open of astonishment – I think you have a winner here!

6 - So much low notes out of that M1i...come on, switch of you subwoofer! Sorry, follow the cables do you see a connection to  the sub ?!

7 - What a cute sexy speaker and that music...very nice and congratulations with your new acquisition.

8 - Amazingly small box – great sound despite the bad room acoustics – will surely sound even better in a better acoustic environment.

9 - Surprisingly good, lot of info and good music and nice reception.

10 - Very musical and good homogeneity. Continue like that.

11 - Good information – sound very spatial.

12 - Ribbon has a "fresh“experience in sound image – speakers have a very good broad stereo image. I am curious what the bigger brothers will do.

13 - Very dynamic and very realistic.

14 - Grandiose! Great!! Also available in red Bordeaux (claret) color?

15 - "10 on 10!"

The latest edition of "Music Emotion" gave Transmission Audio's M1i an excellent 6-pages(!) review in the February issue.
Magnesia-aliminum alloy cones for lightning fast transient response!
In the aftermath of the Stockholm High End Show Feb 12-13, 2011

You knew it had to come, didn't you? These technological marvels represent the joint effort of Bo Bengtsson and Transmission Audio's talented woofer vendor.

Representing the true state of the art, this wideband woofer series will be one of the major ingredients in our upcoming M1i and M3MkII Signature Series, available through selected dealers only. Precision machined chassis from brass or aluminum (as opposed to casting).

Ultra-transparent "disk-break"-like chassis minimizes reflexes and resonances
So what is unique?

To begin with, these Signature Series woofers in their 6,5"- and 8" version sports twin voice coils made from pure silver. A special copper cap linearize the frequency response and the impedance curve. The chassis are machined from aircraft quality aluminum or (to customers order), in heavy brass, polished to a goldlike finish.

The brass version comes with a blackanodized cone to match. All drivers sport the extremely open architecture, charachterized by the disk.break-look chassis part. This open architecture is so effective that it lowers the drivers rf by 3Hz!

Intercooler-version of the Signature Gold Series for heavy duty use
The coolest woofer on the planet

Our latest wideband woofers in the Signature Series can be equipped with a new Intercooler technology system that monitors the temperature in the voice coil continously.

This results in a more linear response and protection from breakdowns caused by severe overload.

For more info about the
Signature Series advanced technology and transparent design, send us an email.

Line source assembly on location. Photo: Courtesy SLT
Åbo Swedish Theater

Åbo Swedish Theater has installed a new sound system and opted for a tall line source ribbon solution. We assisted in the design and concept of these ribbon drivers and their associated technology.


"...I do hope that this system can be a start for a future development and that all theaters in the world can benefit from this achievement"  /Professor Georg Malvius, Director of Les Miserables

"This new system and the idea behind it will change working methods in musicals. I have experience from all kinds of PA-systems for about 25 years and you have to believe me ; this is really something new"
/Olli-Pekka Lepovuori, Sound designer, Åbo Svenska Teater

Clicking on the picture takes you to the Signal Connection web site
Our US distributor

We are happy to introduce Chris Sommovigo at The Signal Conncetion, LLC as our US distributor. Chris has a thorough knowledge and experience from the audio field with years and years of experience.

Click on the picture or here for more info. You can reach Chris on the following email:

More info about Chris activities within the audio industry can be found by clicking here and here .

Tingsha Audio distributes Transmission Audio speakers in Germany and the BE-NE-LUX.
Transmission Audio in EU

We are pleased to inform European music lovers that Transmission Audio's range of speakers, components and services are becoming available to an increasing number of countries within the European Union.

Clicking on this link (or on the picture to the left), will take you to the website of Tingsha Audio - our official distributor for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

Hermit Audio Pvt.Ltd. distributes Transmission Audio's speakers in India.
Indian distribution

Our distributor in India resides in Mumbai. Hermit Audio Pvt. Ltd. can be reached at http://www.hermitaudio.com/aboutus.htm or via email::bimal@hermitaudio.com.

Hermit Audio Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for a wide range of internationally reputed home and car audio brands in India.

The company will act as an important link for Transmission Audios more expensive speaker systems.


Latest Industry News

 LDS  Scandinavia, http://www.lds-co.se/Main/main.htm   has chosen Transmission Audio as one of their vendors of drivers  for the professional audio market.


Custom designed 8" (20cm) tall ribbon unit
To customers order

Apart from designing our own complete speaker systems for the discriminating listener, Transmission Audio also design and manufacture drivers for the high quality OEM market.

Shown here is a sample of what we can do - the picture shows an 8" tall true ribbon unit for heavy duty use in big professional PA installations. Dipole or monopole. The modular thinking allows for line array configurations up to 24 meters in height, equalling 78,8 feet.

Room treatment. Copyright (C) Sounds of Science 2011
New: Room acoustics

The better the speakers - the more important the room acoustics.

In accordance herewith, Transmission Audio has started up a cooperation with Sounds of Science, Link, (A Skypetm Spin-off), giving us the opportunity to offer the market a great way to enhance room acoustics as well as interior design.

Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Sample rendering of advanced A/V conference speaker system
A/V Conferencing

Taking Audio/video-conferencing to a new level: Bearing in mind that more and more companies and corporations want to reduce cost and increase efficiency, we decided to put a spell on improving this rapidly growing market segment.

We can now offer high performance conference systems from peer-to-peer board-meeting all the way up to +100 participants.

Hans Bristell, father of the famous Woodland Mobile recording studio
Technical Joint Venture

Hans Bristell of BRIVOX(tm), a world renowned Swedish-American recording engineer and Bo Bengtsson, TA, have teamed up in a research project concerning the potential development of a new type of multi-purpose HQ ribbon microphone for professional applications.

Pending the markets acceptance for such a device, the unit (project name Dynamike), may be put into small series production for evaluation purposes before too long.

Picture: Copyright (C) Elektronikvärlden

Click on the picture to downlöad the brochure!
New downloads

The latest brochure, describing the Megatrend MkII in more detail, is now available for download. Just click here or on the picture to the left in order to download your PDF brochure.

In order to access the brochures for the M1i,  the M3MkII, and the M3Pro or Transmission Audio ULTIMATE, please go to the home/download section at the top and make your selection.

For more info, feel free to email us  at info@transmissionaudio.com with your question/s.

Copyright (C) Transmission Audio 2010. All rights reserved.
New: Professional Series

Transmission Audio has developed a new series of ribbon units, aimed at the truly professional market. By taking advantage of a brand new magnet topology it has in fact become possible to more than double the power capacity and the sensitivity of our current ribbon designs within the now existing form factor, making it ideal for installation in high quality PA systems.

Apart from being able to increase the SPL for a given input by more than 9dB, the Opera Professional Series, is ideal for all applications demanding top-of-the-line performance in an extremely compact form factor. Contributing to this is the fact that the Opera Series will be available in four different heigths: 8", 20" and 40 inches. Intended for professional use only.

Customized in-car installation of the QUADRA ribbon
Mobile High End

Designed by a Car Audio enthusiast and music lover, this picture shows what can be achieved when it comes to high quality audio reproduction in cars.

The owner, Johann Fröding, of Vetlanda, Sweden decided to design a listening situation where he would get an absolute monitor feeling, using a slightly modified version of Transmission Audio's QUADRA ribbons.

As the units are mounted symmetrically and at ear level, the soundstage is top notch.

The latest member of the Opera Woofer Series
New: Introducing "Opera"

The Opera Woofer Series is exclusively designed for Public domain use where quality and durability is premium. Starting at a modest 6,5", this Series is currently available in 8" size as well.

The Opera Series is only made and available for Transmission Audio's contracted professional clients and can be delivered in 4, 8, 16 or 32 Ohms impedance. All chassis are die casted from highest quality aluminum alloy.

More info on request.

Transmission Audio's new 8" Wideband Woofer
Our 8" wideband woofer

After several years of research we are proud to announce what we believe is the finest woofer in the business; the TA eXstacy 8" Wide band Alu-chassis woofer.

Developed by Bo Bengtsson in close cooperation with TA's woofer vendor, this woofer is a statement of what can be achieved in High Fidelity. We basically took the best of the Jordan heritage and improved on it - a lot!

The suspension allows for an Xmax of close to 1" peak-to-peak, the voicecoil has a new type of glue that can take (and disperse) more heat than ever. Rf :20Hz. We use this woofer in our Megatrend speakers.

The Tribeca modules with built-in protection circuits
Tribeca - top of the ribbon line

The photograph shows how you can combine our 1" +  2" wide, 20"-high ribbon units to form a cluster that can be stacked to match our M3Pro or the Megatrend, essentially creating a concert hall - in your own living room. All panels can be fine-tuned/directed/redirected individually, compensating for any shortcomings in the environment regarding acoustical properties.

It is possible to deliver Tribeca in a custom version, equipped with a remote control, that lets you change the directions and/or sweet spot from your favorite chair. Add an electronic phase control for each unit to the menu and you have a truly unique system that will master the toughest of acoustic environments.

Combine Tribeca with our ultra-linear, aluminum woofers in speakers speakers such as M3Pro and the Megatrends and you have a system that can take anything you can throw at it - from 400Hz all the way up to +30.000Hz. This is a truly professional state-of-the-art concept.

Please feel free to scroll down for more info about our latest ribbon unit with an Xmax of 16millimeter p-p.
*Now offering complete loudspeaker solutions with a frequency range from 8Hz-80kHz.

The QUADRA unit - taken to the extreme

This photograph shows a custom application of the QUADRA ribbon unit in a car, installed by the customer, which includes a handmade front plate created to exactly fit the car interior. The car audio version can now be offered in a "Military grade" quality, suitable for extreme heat and cold - important in tropical and arctic regions.

120 dB in a Car? From a High End Audio ribbon tweeter?!

Why shouldn't the sound in your car be as classy as your home audio system? Or even better? Customers and clients often ask for our advice about car audio equipment as they, just like many of us, have found they spend a considerable amount of time in the car for jobrelated reasons and want something that matches their home setup. We normally don't advice people for any particular brand but when we were offered to listen to the Genesis Dual Mono Extreme together with our own Quadra tweeters in a custome's car, we must admit it was love at first ear! Today's best car audio equipment offers amazing opportunities to get it as good on the road as it is  at home!

The Genesis Dual Mono Extreme amplifier together with our Quadra tweeter and the Quadra for Coaxial mount.
Open Dipole Ribbon Technology

Regardless of size, all Transmission Audio ribbon drivers are built up from the free field doublet concept. The membrane is free to radiate in all directions without being limited by any resonance-inducing cavities behind the unit. Some of our customers even call it "The Crystal Sound of Sweden".

Cloe-up of the 6,5 and 8" woofer engine
"Vario-Q" - our latest Woofer engine

Our current 6,5" and 8" woofers - good as they are - have been improved upon. By implementing a second voicecoil and connecting it to a separate network, full control of Qts can now be achieved, be it a closed box, a bass reflex enclosure or an open dipole. You can read more about it down below.

Old and new technology combined
Hear and see the difference

All mechanical or electromechanical systems have a system resonance. It's the law of Mother Nature.The amplitude of this resonance depends on many factors: size, suspension, mechanical mass and  type of loading, just to mention a few. Many methods have been tried to overcome or at least reduce the amplitude of this resonance, also called "Q". By implementing a second voice coil and connecting it to a separate network, the amplitude of the resonance in our latest woofer can be dramatically reduced. You can see it and you can hear it! The Qts can now be seamlessly adjusted between 0,5 to 0,29 in one single unit.

A European love affair...

Since our M1i and M3MkII introduction in Europe, the response has been overwhelming. Some Vinyl enthusiasts have labeled them "Time Machines" due to their inherent capacity to transform you to the place and time where the recording was made. Please click on the "Where to buy" button under the home page section at the top for more information on where you can listen to and buy our speakers.

Transmission Audio's M1i and M3MkII on display at our Belgium distributor Tingsha Audio
Featured article

Clicking on this picture, takes you to a full page article in PDF-format about Transmission Audio speakers at our distibutor in Belgium.

MusicEmotion is a major European Audio Magazine, available in Be-Ne-Lux and France.

QUADRA with active drive.

Before the startup of Transmission Audio, Bo Bengtsson was most well known for his CM3 Transmission line-speakers released during the late 70's under the Audio-Tronic brand.  24.000 units where manufactured and sold in the Scandinavian countries alone. Thousands of these are still in daily use and customers have asked if there is or will be an upgrade kit available.

Here is our answer: We made a special kit exclusively for the CM3-series, with built in 250W per channel amplifiers. The amplifiers come complete with their own power supply and can be placed directly behind the speakers for shortest possible length of the speaker cables.

For safety reasons the amplifiers come in their own solid aluminum casings, and they live up to all safety regulations within the European Union.

Music and fresh air

It is a well known secret that while the HEAT in the music can be good for your soul, heat in your audio system in general and your speakers in particular is not good. Apart from lowering the output, heat will cause damages to your speaker drivers long term, unless kept under control. Managing the heat when playing loudly is essential in order to keep the frequency response and efficiency of your woofers intact.
The photo shows our solution to excess heat, the TA "Silent Wave" Intercooler. It consists of a noise-free long-life fan,(MTBF = 60.000 power-on-hours, connected to a system that constantly monitors the voice coil temperature of the woofers. Cooling starts as soon as the temperature raise above a predetermined level. The cooling system can be pre-ordered with all our speaker models, starting at M3Pro and up.

Conceptual designs.

At Transmission Audio, we focus on showing the market what is possible to accomplish when it come to the utilization of our proprietary ribbon technology, designed and developed in-house, based on patent applications and protections.

The concept you see in the photograph, to the left, shows a fully working prototype of a small ribbon unit, suitable for coaxially assembly together with a wideband woofer, in order to facilitate a speaker system capable of high SPL at locations where space is premium. Thus unit can be custom tailored to work with many woofers currently available on the market.

Of course this ribbon tweeter alternatively can be located inside a conventional speaker cabinet, or act as a freestanding dipole on top of the speaker cabinet. Its working area is from 3kHz up to 25kHz within 2dB and due to the high Xmax, it can be used together with a simple first order passive filter.

The "Clip-on" ribbon unit

Many customers have asked us if it would be possible to develop an add-on high frequency unit with the qualities offered by the true ribbon drivers.

This is our response. This unit can be coaxially mounted into most 5", 6,5" and 8" wideband woofers on the market, considerably increaasing the frequency response and making possible high quality speaker systems in very small packages.

The unit comes with its own impedance matching transformers and crossover. A universal X-mount mesh will soon follow in order to fascilitate easy installation.

The powerful Neo magnets are arranged in such a way that they don't obstruct the woofer midrange. Overall length is 75mm and total width 19millimeter.

With an Xmax of 4,5 millimeter, considerable SPL¨s are achievable with very low distortion. The Clip-on ribbons are delivered in matched pairs. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first driver of its kind in the world.
The unit will be available in early 2011.

Coaxial units

Where space is an absolute premium, it is soon possible to get our speakers with coaxially mounted ribbon units in an upcoming ultra-compact series.

Shown here is Transmission Audio's 6,5" woofer with the new Clip-on ribbon attached inside the woofer, thereby saving space.

The unique Zig-Zag-shaped assembly makes it possible to adopt the unit to woofers of different woofer sizes within 4,5" to 8".

In order to reduce unwanted reflexes, the ribbon in this case act as a mono-pole as opposed to our regular dipole designs. A time-align circuit can be incorporated in order to achieve excellent phase linearity.


Little did we know that it was possible to improve so much on the original concept when we first announced the upcoming true ribbon headphone
quite some time ago.

However, new and further improved ribbon materials and a new magnet topology have made it possible to even show a pre-release of the new driver itself.

Even if you can't be seen in the picture, the new ribbon membranes in the Ear-speaker/headphone are totally different from its predecessor.

Furthermore, the power capability has been increased by 10dB. A pre-production series is currently under evaluation and our goal is to have it available on the market during 2011..

Membrane choice

It is common knowledge that most true metal ribbons are made from aluminum. Aluminum (or as in the case of Transmission Audio's ribbon membranes - an aluminum alloy) -  is often the logical choice as it represents an excellent choice of cost versus performance.

There are circumstances when other membrane materials are preferred, for instance where extraordinary sound levels are required and/or highest sensitivity is a must.

All ribbon units in Transmission Audio's speaker range are equipped with a high quality aluminum alloy as the default option.
However, other alternatives are available such as copper-plated aluminum (where heat capapbilty is premium), gold-plated aluminum (for sheer elegance and long term electrical stability) or last but by no means least - Beryllium.

Ultrasonic transducers

Investigations have shown that even if there seems to be a consensus regarding the average human's hearing in theory not reaching much above 20kHz on discrete sinus waves, one can enjoy and feel the presence of signals higher up in the frequency spectrum when exposed to complex music signals.

A speaker system that can faithfully reproduce anything up to 80kHz is capable of delivering a more "live" feeling for instance when it comes to reproduction of percussion and human sibilants. What you see in this photo is our laboratory transducer, capable of an almost phase-error free reproduction of frequencies up to 80kHz, which is the unit's -3dB-point.

In order to achieve the extremely high magnet field necessary, this laboratory standard transducer is equipped with an electromagnet, capable of generating a magnetic field of 2 Tesla. This gives an overall sensitivity of 108dB/1W/1m. with SPL capacities in excess of 150dB at 4-meter driver height. Hand-built to special order only, we believe it to be the fastest and most powerful ultrasonic transducer on the market.

The picture shows the power plot and the phase plot for our reference driver
The reference

This picture shows the extreme performance of our finest ribbon driver from 10Hz up to 25kHz.

Take a close look at the performance between 40Hz and 25 kHz. They are both more or less a straight line and you will find the reason why we say these ribbons are perfectly useable from 1000Hz and up, even if crossed over at 6dB/octave!

The absence of phase and frequency irregularities 3 octaves below the crossover frequency makes wonder for details and low distortion!

To the best of our knowledge this is unmatched by any competitor in the industry.

The all new 2" wide ribbon

Show here for the first time is the new ribbon module as used in the ULTIMATE Reference Series.

Equipped with the latest technology such as floating suspension, focused field magnet system and a special aluminum alloy ribbon membrane, it perfectly matches the requirements for our biggest speaker systems.

The extremely low resoncance frequency of 3,5Hz makes this module perfect for covering the important "midrange" in this case we talk about the span from 400Hz and up to 8kHz, the units -3dB-point. Xmax = 16mm p-p!

The distortion figure never exceeds 0,02% and the phase error is less than 15 degrees within the opearating area.

The frontplate is precision machined from 5mm thick aircraft quality aluminum, brushed and anodized to the highest possible finish.
In order to achieve high efficiency, these units are equipped with the latest and strongest NEO magnets available.

Close-up showing displacement opportunities for the 2" ribbon unit
Close-up, showing Xmax

Normally ribbons are associated with a limited ability to produce high SPL's, amongst  other things due to a limited Xmax, (normally only a couple of millimeters).

In comparison, our latest 2" wide ribbon unit have a peak-to-peak displacement of no less than 16 millimters, equalling 0,63 inches!

Left: 1" Alu ribbon, Mid: 1" Copper plated ribbon, Right 2" Alu alloy ribbon
Probably The Finest Ribbon Transducers in The World
  - Now available as OEM to customer's order -
Distortion is less than 0,02% @110dB SPL in linesource configuration. The 20" tall modules can be stacked in heights up to 8 meters or more. They can work in any climate and temperature.

They can take and dissipate 1000W RMS music signal per 40 inches length.
The flat design means much less shipping/storage space is required. The ribbons can reproduce an excellent square wave - excellent phase response. Typical phase error less than 20 degrees within the operating area. The membranes are all-metal design. No plastic film that can break or melt.They can be offered to the customer with any ribbon membrane width from 1/4" to 2". Custom tailored horizontal dispersion by choice of membrane width.

"Our latest Pro Ribbon Transducer Series, consisting of 4 x 20" modules work flawlessly at membrane temperatures in excess of 1562F/850C under any humidity condition, with less than 0,02% distortion @ 110dB SPL - with a minimum of +20dB headroom!" Who else can offer you ribbons with an Xmax of up to 1/4 of an inch - one way!? [

Custom designs
Professional & Industrial OEM designs

So you don't think ribbons can play LOUD and be reliable? Think again!

With more than 2 decades of experience manufacturing our own ribbons,
the time has come to offer our services to the market, be it Professional Audio for the Studio, Home Theater or Opera Houses, High Level PA or Live outdoor Performance.

If you want it LOUD we are going to give it to you louder than you can imagine! Regardless of aural level, you will get a sound quality that will leave your competition in the dust. CUSTOM MADE to live up to your demands.

Loud is not enough any more. LOUD and CLEAN are what your audience wants. When it comes to even sound distribution, nothing beats a tall line source. We can help you to become even more successful by designing ribbon units beyond your expectations.

Facsimile of the M1 test in HiFi & Musik
Latest reviews

The Swedish HiFi Magazine HiFi&Musik has tested Transmission Audio M1 in their October 2009 Issue. We regret that we can only show you a brief quote here due to copyright-related issues.

"The first thing that strikes you when you listen to the M1 is that they present you with a very big-scale sound, despite their small size. Detailed, rich sound,- doesn't sound "hard". Very compact format."

The picture shows the High End Series version of the 20" tall ribbon with composite chassis
Developed for Extreme Performance

The photo shows the exclusive "no-compromise" version of our 1" and 2", 20-inch-high ribbon modules, made especially for our Ultimate speaker system.

With a chassis made from a vibration-absorbing composite instead of aluminum, this design allows you to catch and resolve the finest details in the music. At additional cost, the composite chassis are available for the Megatrends as well as M3Pro.

Transmission Audio's tall linesource ribbons can be used in all public environments with equal success
New High End Ribbons for PA

With the introduction of the latest generation of ribbon units and woofers in our speaker systems for the domestic environment, we now can offer this specific technology to the PA market as well, be it rock concert venues, opera houses or large churches.

The units that are designed for professional use have ribbons that can take more abuse electrically as well as physically. Furthermore, they can be stacked up to 16 meters in height (or more) and have a tremendous SPL capacity. Last but by no means least. they can be crossed over at 700Hz or lower (depending on line length). Call or email us for more info.

Quadra ribbon unit - the car audio version
Quadra - Car audio version

Shown here is a Volvo V70 with Transmission Audio's Quadra ribbons mounted into the front door/windshield frames.

Utilizing the same reinforced ribbon membranes as in the Professional PA Series, these ribbons are extremely rugged and can take almost any abuse.

They are perfect for use in cars where high SPL's and low distortion is mandatory.

Quadra car audio ribbons are delivered in matched pairs and comes in an aluminum casing, complete with matching transformers.

Minimum power requirements is 20Watts at 4 Ohm. Suitable for passive or active crossover at 1kHz or higher.

Maybe no one has expressed the importance of time coherence better than Salvadore Dali
Music - a question of timing

Lack of timing is what bothers most speakers. It is all about the ability of the fundamentals and the overtones in the music to arrive at the same time to the listeners ears; synchronicity. In technical terms we call it phase coherence. You have no idea of what you have been missing until the day comes when you get a chance to experience it.

Many manufacturers don't concern themselves with phase coherence, and why should they? Their drivers aren't capable of dealing with the task, and even less so their crossover networks.

Transmission Audio's speakers have this unique capability thanks to our proprietary flat ribbons. Designed in-house. Hearing is believing.

This is one reason why our speakers are phase coherent - in tune with time!

Megatrend MkII with optional Sub woofer, here shown in Golden Champagne finish, represents the entrance level in the Ultimate Series.
Can you see the speakers..?
In-wall design

Many Transmission Audio speakers have a design and construction that makes it easy to mount them directly into a wall in order to make them truly invisible.

In-wall speakers are becoming increasingly popular these days due to their ability to
"disappear" in the room from the design point of view. In-wall speakers can sound just as good as free-standing units, provided you know what you are doing at the drawing table.

This is what lifestyle is all about: the freedom to enjoy the music to the fullest, regardless of space.

We can custom tailor your speaker setup.

What can you expect from us in the future?

After the introduction  of Transmission Audio's ULTIMATE Series, we are happy to inform the music lovers in the world that the next project in the pipe-line - an allpurpose, flat, thin INFRA Woofer that digs deeper into the low frequencies than anything currently on the market is in the works. It's flat down to 4Hz. In order to achieve this goal, it was found that a new technology has to be developed.

By implementing a totally flat, 2 square meter big membrane, supported over 80% of its radiating surface, it is possible to achieve a truly flat reproduction down to 4Hz. Tests have shown that this upcoming optional INFRA woofer greatly enhances the experience when watching movies, be it at a cinema or in the home of the dedicated cineast. Please scroll down for more info.

Doubble-sided installation benefits
  Additional applications

Thanks to their dipole construction, Transmission Audio's speaker systems, if mounted in-wall, radiate sound on both sides of a wall with the same quality.

This saves cost and installation time. The photo shows a sample installation where the speakers are used in the living room and the kitchen at the same time.

Installation couldn't be easier. All you need is 2 rectangular holes in the wall. If correct Left/Right channel info is of vital importance to you, a photocell between the two locations automatically switches the channels as soon as you pass the entrance.

Public Address HiFi PA speaker system
Consulting - R&D

At Transmission Audio. we welcome customers who want to develop their own systems, be it for professional or domestic use.
We work in close cooperation with highly professional craftsmen when it comes to prototyping, manufacturing and quality control.

For example, the woofer sample you can study in the photograph is a prototype modular chassis built to
allow quick exchange of different cone materials for a given woofer size. This building technology allows for small series of high quality woofers at an affordable price.

Transmission Audio M3 Pro
                             M3Pro update - Further Refinements

In order to hold the position as a leading ribbon transducer manufacturer, Transmission Audio has a standard procedure of offering all improvements to our customers.

Implementation of improved material technology/properties shouldn't force owners of earlier versions to invest in new speakers; rather, current owners should have the opportunity to upgrade. Due to progress in magnet technology, it has been possible to raise the sensitivity as well as the upper frequency limit on the current 50cm ribbon modules as implemented in the M3 Pro, for example.

Please contact us for further information regarding upgrades.

The M3 MkII Floorstander
What You Can´t See in This Picture Is What Really Counts

Transmission Audio´s M3 MkII speaker (which you can read more about down below), has some very important features that are not immediately visible to the eye.

1. The "tweeter" isn´t encapsulated into the cabinet. Instead, the ribbon treble unit is freely mounted at the top of the enclosure. allowing it, without restriction, to radiate both forward and backwards. The absence of a cabinet for the tweeter gives an openness to the sound that is immediately audible.

2. The modular cabinet contains two separate cavities, both tuned in by separate bass reflex ports. These allow the speaker to breathe, and completely remove unwanted turbulence-related noise from the ports.

3. By placing these ports at the back of the speakers, the Newton-related forces are reduced.


4. A heavy and stable base plate further increases the mechanical strength and increases the dynamic precision of the soundstage.

5. The twin 6,5" aluminum broadband-woofers are the result of years of research in cone behaviour as a function of cone material.

6. All vital chassis parts are made from composite instead of metal, thereby reducing the transfer of unwanted vibrations via the chassis parts.

7. The narrow footprint makes M3 just as well suited for a home theater setup as well as in an advanced 2-channel dedicated audio setup for intense music listening.

8. M3MkII is available in Rosewood or Black Glossy Piano Finish.

The picture shows MEGATREND MkII with Sub woofer. This is the entrance level in the Extreme Performance Series
The Extreme Performance Series

We are happy to introduce the Extreme Performance Series, a super-slim speaker system where form follows function. I

style and design mesh hand in hand with performance. By integrating velvet-smooth Gold Champagne anodized aluminum into the front and back of the individual cabinets, we have implemented a design and form language that we believe will appeal to lovers of classical as well as contemporary style.

These speakers are charged like top-of-the-line super sports cars with the most advanced technology and power you can think of. Only 100 signed pairs will be made, making them a collector’s item and they come with a 10 years warranty on parts and labor. The picture above shows the entrance level in the Extreme Performance Series, the Megatrend MkII together with one of our dipole Subwoofers, sporting 10pcs of fifteen-inch woofers, mounted in an array of 2 x 5 for left and right channel, bolted onto a massive polished granite base.

The Top-of-The-Line in The Extreme Performance Series - The US $2 million ULTIMATE

If Transmission Audio´s ULTIMATE was to be compared to sports cars, you probably would have to combine the specifications of Ferrari, Maserati and Koenigsegg in one chassis. This is the ultimate in audio reproduction, intended for the largest listening rooms.This is Formula 1 on steroids!

The system, containing 4 separate dipole Subwoofers, (seen in the middle), made from a total of 40pcs of 15" woofers, followed by 1 dipole panel per channel, each containing 24pcs of 8" units, in turn followed by 2 full MF ribbon dipoles per channel plus one HF panel per channel, containing a total of 68 meters of true ribbons, has a sensitivity of +100dB/1W/1meter and can continUously handle 15500W with +3dB headroom. A total of 31000 Watts, equaling 146dB SPL.

The ULTIMATE - system layout
Left ch. Ultimate´s ribbon section
The ULTIMATE Ribbons

These pictures show the part of the ULTIMATE system that handles the HF/MF frequencies. A total of 32 meters of 2" ribbons - and 2 meters of 1" ribbons - per channel.

This total of 68 meters of ribbons for the full system with a never-heard-of Xmax of 16mm p-p for the MF ribbons and 8mm p-p for the HF ribbons gives a fantastic headroom and a distortion figure below 0.02% @ 99dB SPL.

Each channel's ribbon sections have a total of 652 superstrong Neodymium magnets. This gives an impact and "slam" that has to be heard to be believed, and the micro-dynamics gives a new meaning to the word "resolution".

Ultimate MF panels with cover
Woofer section for the 50-400 Hz range
The ULTIMATE Woofers

This frequency range is of major importance since many formats start in the 50-400Hz range. We investigated the market in search of a woofer capable of matching our 2" ribbons, sharing many of the aluminum membrane's properties. In the end we found it necessary to design our own woofers.

The result is an 8" aluminum cone woofer that measures and sounds better than anything we have heard so far. Bolted to the solid baffle are 24-wide band low resonance woofers - per channel.

These woofers represent the best possible transit into the subwoofer domain, shown down below.

...here with the cover on.
Sub design 01
The ULTIMATE Subwoofers

Available in two different designs and style but encompassing the same units and performance parameters, here is the low end extension. Each and every panel (of which there are 4 in ULTIMATE), consist of 10 powerful 15" woofers with a free air resonance of 16Hz.

The total of 40 x 15" woofers on 4 independent panels will move a lot of air. In order to be able to accommodate them wherever it is suitable, the subwoofers are available in two different designs as can be seen on these pictures.

The subwoofers are designed to exactly match the sound properties in the ULTIMATE setup. The one to the right can be in-wall mounted in order to save real estate.

Alternative design
A few words about super lowfrequency extension- pros and cons

Work in progress: Prototype "Infra-woofer" 4Hz - 16Hz

The market has asked us if it would be possible to extend the bottom octaves even further, maybe all the way down to true infrasonic range. Tests we have made indicate that especially in live recordings, the addition of a system capable of reproducing frequencies below what has normally been appreciated as the lower end for human hearing, truly can add impact and a feeling of space and room ambience.

Are frequencies below 16Hz dangerous? Even if most of us can´t hear below 16Hz with our ears, it is indeed possible for the body to "feel" them. You probably have experienced a lightningstorm for example, where the sound has put part of your body and even house invbentories inot motion. It can indeed be a thrilling experience.

Now, suppose it was possible to reproduce these frequencies in your AV-setup at home? Good or bad? You be the judge.

Regardless, we will continue our efforts to offer the part of the market that appreciate this infrasonic capacity. Designing a unit like this is very different from the "normal" frequency range as a) it´s rather a matter of "pressurizing" the room rather than anything else and b) the drivers must be able to cope with any kind of input signal with an absolute minimum of distortion.

Also, it is essential that the units can be easily mounted into the walls of the room rather than free standing. We will keep you updated as things progress. No release date as of now.

Flat panel...
Infra woofer...
....evaluation and measurements
The Transmission Audio Ribbon Speaker Patent

Durability and performance is everything

Experts agree that the ribbon technology most likely is the best way to transmit a musical signal to the ear. Replacing a  conventional voice coil and its associated membrane with a single thin and ultralight strip of metal that works as a voice coil and membrane at the same time is a clever concept. However there are shortcomings, or has been until now: The fragile nature of the light membrane has been prone to damages under heavy usage.

Bo Bengtsson, founder and President of Transmission Audio, has spent +30 years on removing these shortcomings. The result is ribbon drivers virtually indestructible and as of lately even made available for the professional PA market. The PA drivers can take thousands of
of power in a linesource configurations - with an SPL to match!


The new M3 MkII
The new M3 MkII

With a calculated sales start at the third quarter of 2009, Transmission Audio will release the continuation of the former M3 loudspeaker but in a new, improved and refreshed package - The M3MkII.

The former M3 utilized conventional P-P cones which called for a long tall ribbon to take care of the higher frequencies. The brand new M3 MkII has a wide band woofer that extends the useful range up to 2 octaves above what is being considered "normal" for a woofer in this size.

Continuing his work on advanced wideband woofers, Bo Bengtsson has developed the new 6,5" Alpha woofer with dual voice coils for increased control, resulting in a speaker that has shaken even the most skeptical music lovers in our "Golden Ear" test panel for its extreme overall presence and performance capabilities.

The implementation of 2 woofers in an optimized reflex loaded cabinet gives not only impact and "slam" but a evenness that makes it possible to shrink the physical dimensions without any negative impact at all - in fact the new M3MkII outperform its older sibling by a factor of 2. To you this means more music for less money! The new M3MkII utilize the same super precision, high resolution dipole ribbon driver as in M1_i but with even higher power capability.

M1_i vs M3 size comparison
The M1i side by side with M3 MkII

Even if M1i is by far is our most sold speaker model, we got requests for a slightly bigger speaker for people with room to spare, without removing any of M1i´s unique qualities.

Apart from digging deeper into the bottom octaves, M3 offers all the advantages of the little M1. Same type of true open dipole ribbon unit at the top and consequently  the same sonic "footprint", only bigger.

There is no doubt that double 6,5"-woofers move more air and many customers have found the M3MkII to be the ideal solution as left- and right front end speakers in a Home Theater setup as well. The M3 MkII will be available in Black glossy Paino finish or Roesewood.

The woofers are mounted in separate bass reflex chambers with induvidual bass reflex ports in order to keep the air flow low, and with their sensitivity of +90dB and 8 Ohm impedance, they represent as easy load to any amplifer, capable of 2 x 50Watt RMS or more at 8 Ohms.

The official release date for M3 MkII is May 15, 2009.

The picture shows the transparent dipole back
True dipole radiation in both M1i and M3 MkII

A unique feature that sets our speakers apart from the competition is their true dipole radiation, i.e. the high and mid frequencies radiated from the ribbon unit is not limited in any way but free to radiate in both directions.

The lack of a chamber behind the units (and thus the removal of any possible unwanted cavity-related resonances), gives these speakers a tremendous advantage over the competition. You hear it by its openess! Just listen to applause from a live audience or a guitar or a pan- or silver-flute and you will notice the difference immediately.

Shown here to the left is the backside of the M1i with the thin black cloth that covers that open back of the ribbon unit. Even the cloth and frame is carefully designed in order to restrict any kind of reflection back to the ribbon unit.

This back cloth is meant to stay on at all times for increased protection.

Megatrend with the Athena Ribbon unit
  MEGATREND II - the rebirth of a Legend

The Megatrend dipole speaker, created by Bo Bengtsson in the late 70´s, was/is a huge dipole speaker system that really got attention on the market. In fact, it stirred up such an interest that one Audio Magazine nicknamed Bo "Mr Megatrend". More than any of Bo´s work in the audio field, the Megatrend has been associated with him.

We are proud to introduce the brand new heavily updated Megatrend II, now incorporating no less than 24 high performance 8" aluminumcone wideband woofers, seamlessly integrated with a 2 meter tall 1" wide ribbon system for the high frequencies.

Megatrend probably is the most cost vs performance-efficient speaker produced, ideally suited for any roomsize from 40-50 square meters and up to 500 square meters.

With a sensitivity of 100dB at 1 Watt input, 5 meter on axis, Megatrend II is an easy drive for any amplifier. The huge radiating area gives a tremendous coupling to the air, totally free from any boxiness or hangover, all the way down to 20Hz.

The distortion figues are equally impressive: Less than 0,3% at 120dB SPL in the bass region and less than 0,03% in the HF region.

Available in Black piano glossy finish or Rosewood, this speaker system fits in any reasonably sized living room. With a total depth of 6 inches including protecting speaker grills, these speakers occupy less floor space than any other speaker with the same SPL capacity.

The front covers are made from acoustically transparent anodized, perforated aluminum, available in 5 different colors: Gold Champagne, Bordeauxred, Black, Natural and Bronze, easily removable for those who prefer playing without speaker grills.

High End Car Audio Ribbons
High End, High Power Car Audio Ribbons

If you belong to the growing number of music lovers who take advantage of the opportunities to listen to your favorite music whilst on the road, you might appreciate the fact that Transmission Audio has developed a ribbon kit for your car. They come in pairs in an aluminum case, complete with transformers.

These ribbon tweeters can take a lot of abuse both mechanically and electrically and they come with a 3 year warranty on parts and labor.

Hi-Fi forum visiting our Showroom
Swedish Internetforum visit our showroom

Interested music lovers now have access to our showroom on a regular basis. In our acoustically treated room situated in an area completely free from traffic and other types of street noise, people can spend as much time as they like, listening to music.

On January 16, our Showroom was visited by members from the Swedish Hifi-forum http://www.hififorum.nu/forum/default.asp 

The picture shows some of the visitors during the listening session.

Copperplated Heavy Duty Ribbon

Heavy Duty version of the QUADRA ribbon unit

Our QUADRA Ribbon unit is from now and on available in three different versions; Heavy Duty, Standard and Signature.. What you see here to the left i the latest Heavy Duty version, suitable for designs where maximum output rather than absolute fidelity is imperative. The power capabilty is 4 times higher and the maximum output at 5kHz is +120dB SPL, thanks to stronger magnets and copper plated ribbon membranes.

The Heavy Duty version is available for third party applications only, whilst the Standard version is factory mounted and the Signature is a reserved option for the after market who want an absolutley no-compromise version.

Frequency response curve 6,5" woofer

Woofer frequency response

Shown here is the measured frequency response curve for our 6,5" woofer without any filter of any kind attached  - practically a straight line from 100Hz to 10kHz! To the best of our knowledge this wideband performance is rare in the audio industry.
This smooth and extended frequency response makes it possible to perfectly integrate the woofer with any of our ribbons. Note that the distortion (red curve) is way below 0,3% even at the upper end of the spectrum... at 110dB average SPL!

QUADRA Signature - Limited Edition
Quadra Signature - Limited Edition

Quadra Signature is our answer to the selected few who are prepared to pay that little extra to get the last drop of what is technically possible from a high frequency ribbon unit.

The Signature has a chassis built from an exclusive composite chassis that is extremely effiicient in absorbing any hf energy that otherwise could slightly impact the 10-20kHz range.

Most people probably won´t hear the difference but with no-compromise audio equipment the difference is there - for the discriminating listener.

Part of the difference is related to a more advanced aluminum alloy for the ribbons. Quadra Signature is deliverd in an elegant aluminum casing and can be exchanged directly by the M1 owner without any other tools than a screwdriver.

All measures are the same as for the Quadra Standard unit.

The updated M1i dipole ribbon
Ribbon update

The latest improvements on the M1i speakers is the upgrading of the dipole ribbon unit to the same standard as in our freestanding QUADRA ribbon unit, the latter available to the market as a supplement to other brands of speakers.

The refinements include a new and improved ribbon transformer, new and stronger magnets, refined ribbon membranes and a slightly higher output to increase the transparency at the top end.

Lots of time has been spent on the totally new ribbon front plate. Formerly made from a diecasted and sandblasted metal alloy, this frame now is precision machined from a solid block of aluminiumm, improving not only on design and finish but on sound quality as well.

The deeper bevelling is now a active part of the distribution pattern and the thick metal adds stiffness to the mechanical design. The net result is less stored energy in the cabinet. Not to mention a much better look!

The Stradivarius exhibition at Steinway Hall, NY

Sophisticated simplicity, the key to success

The poster to the left showing the Stradivarius exhibition at the Steinway Hall in NY, 1999, also marks the first time Bo Bengtsson´s ribbon elements where shown to the US public. A pair of the smallest speakers where attached to a high quality amplifier, playing for the audience during the intermission with a breathtaking realism.

Just like the Stradivarius violins, the sound of the QUADRA ribbon is a result of years of research. Contrary to the violin however, the four-stringed ribbon must have NO sound of its own. At all!

Only then can it neutrally reproduce the specific overtones and harmonics of any musical instrument, including the human voice. Every little detail counts, be it the choice of material in the ribbon membrane itself or the way the membrane is attached to the insulators, in turn bonded to the ribbon chassis.

Transmission Audio is a company solely dedicated to refining the art of ribbon development. This means that like the Stradivarius violins our ribbons are open-air designs.

Compare the picture of the QUADRA ribbon above with the violin picture. Just like the violin, the sound from the ribbon is free to expand in all directions.You can clearly see each individual membrane, be it from the front or the back.

QUADRA signature
Super tweeter supplement for other speaker brands

Super tweeter for you current speakers. QUADRA Signature is a freestanding true ribbon unit, intended for use together with any high quality speakers of choice.

Shipped with its own enclosure, ribbon transformer and crossover circuit, Signature can be connected directly to, and placed upon your current speakers. It plays the same role for the high end of the frequency spectrum as your subwoofer does for the low end; it extends the frequency range, adding air, transparency and transient response. It has no resonance-inducing cabinet but is totally open in the back, acting as a dipole unit. 
Measuring only 16 x 11 x 5 centimeter, these units come assembled in pairs in a beautifully veneered open baffle.

The Ultra Propulsion interface

Our best kept secret

One thing that makes us stand out from the competition is the way we connect our big ribbons to the amplifier. We have developed a unique interface that makes it possible for our tall ribbons to reproduce all frequencies down to 100Hz without any transformer, despite the ribbons are made from one single sheet of metal.

This interface is so important that we haven´t even made any patent applications for it. Instead it is encapsulated in a sealed, free standing chassis made from non-ferromagnetc material. It comes with a 10 year warranty on parts and labor.

Part of TA´s floating suspension ribbons

Introducing floating suspension technology

Advancing the state of the art: It is common knowledge that ribbon speakers don´t use floating suspension as the crimping of the membrane act as a spring. As our 1" and 2" wide full frequency ribbons have an Xmax of 8-16 millimeter, it was found that the crimping needed for that displacement capacity created negative field interactions.

The solutiuon turned out to be by replacing the crimping with a new unique floating suspension technology (patent applied for and pending) that allows for close to no crimping at all. The result is a ribbon with higher resolution and lower distortion than ever, - a ribbon element that effortlessly can reproduce frequencies from 40kHz down to 100Hz or lower with breathtaking clarity.

Shadow painting of the first TA ribbons

The Ribbon speaker - the Ultimate Art form

Music is Art and communication. If the correct reproduction of music in your home is as important to you as the music itself, your choice when it comes to speaker transducers is pretty limited. 

Maybe the difference between the ribbon and conventional drivers can be best described by comparing it to a picture. Imagine viewing  a beautiful painting on a big flat HD screen versus on a conventional old and small CRT-screen. Yes, the difference indeed is that big...

Not everyone is aware of the fact that music also is about acceleration. When you hit the string of a guitar for example, what happens can be divided into three different but strongly related events: 1. The transient ingress, 2. The quasi-periodic event and 3. Decline. As in the case of a high performance car, acceleration is everything. In that respect, the ribbon driver leaves the competitors in the dust. Their extremely low mass, coupled with the ultra-strong magnets, give them a "motor" strength that at best can be described as a Top Fuel car on steroids.

Speed and acceleration is useless unless you can´t stop it in time when called for... This is yet again where the ribbon shines. Its mass is so low and its radiating surface so big in relation to its weight that when the signal stops from the amplifier, the ribbons stops immediately. Remember that the ribbon speaker (as opposite to conventional dome-tweeters), has no passive membrane in order to connect the signal to the surrounding air. The ribbon is both voice coil and membrane at the same time.

The above statements are only valid if the ribbon driver is a true ribbon driver, i.e. consisting of one single strip of ultrathin metal, running between point A and point B in an elongated magnetic field.. Forget the quasi-ribbons that have become so common as of lately. They are nothing but a ribbon bonded to a passive film strip which technically makes them no different from regular dome tweeters.

"eXtreme" dual-in-line unit

Introducing eXtreme - a professional dual-in-line ribbon for high SPL´s 

In the professional world where durability, service and SPL performance is everything. There has been som issues regarding the implementation and reliability of ribbons, despite their extreme advantages over other transducer technologies.

Transmisison Audio therefore is happy to introduce a completely new series of ribbons, specifically aimed at the professional sector.
The new Dual-in-line chassis consist of two galvanically separated 1" and 2" wide ribbons respectively, with the ability to custom tailor the dispersion as a function of frequency and ribbon width.

Some of the patent applied for and pending benefits include:

1 - Automatic ribbon tensioning.
2 - Automatic centering
3 - Improved suspension.
4 - Less than 0,02% distortion at 120dB SPL

Can be used in Dynamic Propulsion(tm) or Ultra Propulsion(tm) mode.

Kent J, one of our oldest customers in an interview

Customer relations - our top priority

We can´t emphasize enough how seriously we take our customer relations. No company can survive or expect to grow unless you take care of your greatest asset, your customers. Our customers are entitled to get an answer via email to any questions related to our speakers within 24 hours. Our philosophy has given us many new friends within the audio community during the years.

One of them is shown here to the left. This man, Kent J. has been with us since Bo Bengtsson started up his first ribbon speaker company in 1976. Kent bought (and still use(!) the biggest speakers offered at that point in time, Audio-Tronic CM3 Pro Ultra, a full range transmissionline speaker with a flat frequency response down to 16Hz, together with a 1,6 meter tall ribbon line column source.

His expensive cables and ditto amplifier system woke the interest of a local newspaper, so much in fact that they came and wrote a long article about Kent and his audio setup. Kent is representative for a large group of Transmission Audios customers, skilled, knowledgable music lovers that strive for music perfection.

The latest issue of Hifi&Musik

Press relations - support

Transmission Audio has always strived for a good relation to the press. The audio press (not to forget the Internet based magazines), is the connection between the industry and the consumers. As such, the press plays a very important role - the press is the interface between the music lovers and the manufacturers. Equally important is the customers ability to reach us directly for supportrelated issues. Our customer service is open mon - fri at normal business hours at +46-70-525 00 99.

A collage of earlier articles, reviews and quotes

Some earlier quotes and opinions

"I can testify that the sound from these speaekrs surpasses anything I have heard. For those who are looking for the best sound reproduction currently available on the market I can only say that i don´t think there is anything at all available that even compare" - Sixten Ehrling

"Wonderful speakers! They really sound terrific!"  - Isaac Stern

"The best speakers I have never heard! You only hear the music - not the speakers. A shaking experience. I can´t live without them!  - Red Mitchell

"Congratulations! For the first time I hear details in my recordings i didn´t know where there in the first place!"  - Bertil Alving/ recording engineer

Note: These quotes relate to Bo Bengtsson´s earlier Megatrend loudspeaker.

If you are considering upgrading your sound system, we have something to tell you.

Bo Bengtsson, M1i and M3Pro
If you love music as much as we do, it is natural that you spend a lot of time investigating what it takes to get better music reproduction in the home. Loudspeakers, of course, play a major role. Thinking "outside the box" is critical in the literal meaning of the word. As is so common these days, obstructions such as encapsulation of the back wave prevent the speakers from radiating freely, especially in the critical midrange and upwards. We offer the market a real improvement.

Our goal
: To produce the best ribbon units and the best ribbon speakers in the industry. In order to accomplish this, we have spent no less than 35 years on extensive research, investigating every technology available. For reasons, described more in detail under "Our Technology", it was found that no other transducers can produce the same amount of detail, power cabability, resolution, dynamics and transient response or linearity per dollar, than the (true) ribbon technology. Our work has resulted in 2 patents. We think our technology will change your life. It certainly has changed ours!

Our systems start with the M1i, the world's smallest speaker offering true ribbon dipole technology at an affordable price, and ends with what we consider to be the largest Super High End speaker system on the market: The ULTIMATE. Hand-built in polished black Granite, 10 meters wide, 2,2 meters tall and only 6 inches deep, with 12kW of amplifer power included, it is probably the mightiest system on the planet. 100 meters of ribbons! Audio technology taken to the limit of what is possible...
Photo courtesy of Bengt Johansson

R3 - The forefather of current M1i

Mark Levinson with the forefather of current M 1i

This picture, taken during the time when Mark Levinson and Bo had Red Rose Music together in New York, shows Mark posing for an ad in Sterophile with R3, the forefather of M1i that Bo designed. As can be seen, (and heard), the difference between the old and the new technology is considerable. To begin with, the old ribbon unit contained 2 ribbons, located side by side, whilst the new ribbon in M1i contains Transmission Audios Dynamic Propulsion technology with 4 separate ribbon membranes, each with its own magnet system.The old PP-woofer is replaced by a aluminum cone woofer with vastly superior performance thanks to Bo´s cooperation with Ted Jordan. Using the same material, (with the same sound propagation), gives a speaker in total harmony.
Bo and Mark are no longer affilliated in any way.
R3 - The forefather of current M1i

The forefather of current M 1i at the N.Y. Steinway Hall

This picture, taken at Steinway Hall, shows US actress Kim Catral displaying the predecessor of M1i at an event that took place at the Steinway Hall in New York City, initiated by proud owners of Stradivari Violins, where Elmar Oliveira from "The Miracle Makers" performed music on famous Violins from Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu Violins.

The performance was recorded by Mark Levinson on a NAGRA professional tape recorder and later on played back to the audiense under the Buffe that followed the consert. The speakers where located and playing in an adjacent hall. People approached us why the concert continued during the Buffet!

That event turned out to be a big time kick-off for Bo Bengtssons speakers in the United states of America. Click here for more information about this event. A short Violin MP3-sample can be listened to here.
More musc video-samples where Elmar Oliviera performs are available here.
M1i - the refined follow up

Its predecessor took the world by storm. Here is the new M1i!

The sound stage from this small speaker has to heard to be beleived... It often happens that people visiting our showroom think that they are listening to the huge M3Pro´s when in fact it is M1i that is playing!

The most common reaction is: "How can that tiny speaker sound so BIG"? We suggest you come and find out for yourself! You are always welcome to our permanent showrrom or contact us for info about where you can find a Transmission Audio dealer in your part of the world.

Close up of the M3Pro ribbon driver

Ultra Propulsion technology makes a Grand Piano sound like one

Has it happened to you too? You are listening to a great Grand Piano recording but the Grand Pinao doesn´t sound that "Grand" but rather like a piano... This generally is a proof of lack of "speed" and acceleration capabilities in the drivers themselves.

This is the reason you will never see or hear a Transmission Audio speaker equipped with anything but our own true ribbon drivers. In order to be able to let the ribbons perform at peak, we never encapsulate them into the speaker enclosure. Instead we let them radiate freely. No box means no box coloration. It is that simple.

All ribbons designed and manufactured in Sweden

All our ribbon units are made in Sweden

It might be worth noting that the ribbons units are handmade by Swedish Craftsmen. Fron design and machining, to the die casting and assembly. This was we maintain sufficient control over critical components in the manufacturing process.

A special tool was desgined and manufactured in order to deal with the critical manufacturing of the thin ribbon membranes. Assembly of the membranes into the ribbons is a critical process that letterary has to be carried out by hand under microscope.
M1 ribbon assembly line

Assembly line and quality inspection

The final stage of the assembly process contains mounting of the ribbon drivers into the loudspeaker cabinet. After assembly and control, the speakers go to a listening station. Every speaker is connected to an amplifier and run through a mixture of test signals, sinus sweep and a mix of music.

Finally each and every unit is listened to by trained ears on complex music material of the highest possible quality over an extended period of time. If there is the slightest error, the speaker goes back to production line for a detailed chechup.

Sample speaker terminal

The importance of staying connected

Good contact is extremely important when it comes to top quality audio reproduction. Any prescence of ferromagnetic materials and/or bad contact between cables and the related equipment are harmful. Good looks are of equal importance! A good connector shall be able to apply a high and uniform contact pressure long term.

Shown here you can see samples of the contacts we have choosen to build into our speakers. It is an expensive but long term stable solution that will make you stay securely connected.

Advanced Car Audio applications
TA drivers for "High End Car Audio"

In response to requests from music lovers that spend a considerable amount of time in their cars every day, TA now can offer custom tailerd car audio solutions for people who care about quality rather than MAX SPL.

Three different woofers made from aluminum will be available, They are all based upon a refinement of the work made by the World renowned Ted Jordan.

The marketing and sales of these woofers will be handeled by Esoteric Audio Devices, Stockholm, Sweden. For more info on these drivers, send an email to: 

High End Audio Pylons for the Industry
TA Ribbon Technologies Go Industrial

Transmission Audio has established a cooperation with a major vendor of the beautifully designed Pylons, made from highest grade extruded aluminum for indoor as well as outdoor use. This means we can offer either vertically or horizontally directed (or omnidirectional) sound at airports, sports arenas, cinemas or wherever highest quality audio reproduction is required.

Countrary to the competition, Transmission Audio´s drivers can take any environmental stress and are completely maintenance-free.

These systems are available in a multitude of sizes, wall-hung or freestanding. Please contact us for more info.
Part of the worlds biggest High End system

The biggest or the smallest?  It's your choice.

We are focused on producing not only "no-nonsense" affordable high quality ribbon-based dipole speakers, but also on  reaching for the extraordinary, for those customers who want the absolute ultimate in sound reproduction.

Our modularized technology makes it possible to offer speaker solutions of almost unlimited size (and price).

Transmission Audio´s largest speaker system, the ULTIMATE, briefly described above, with its clusters of up to 25 x 2,2 meter high ribbons per channel, represents the most refined and exclusive speaker system on the planet. Period. It is made solely with the most discriminating audiophiles and the world's exclusive sound venues in mind. It is 100% customable to fit any demand and size.  Pricing ranges from US $100,000 - US $2,000,000.  The latter includes 12,000 watts from 12 of the world's most exclusive power amps. A speaker system for whom? For the world's finest opera and concert houses, as well as the most discerning music lovers' listening rooms,  where only the best will be good enough.

The QUADRA true ribbon tweeter
Probably the finest tweeter ever built.

QUADRA is the result of over 12 years' of extensive research in tweeter technology. Its performance parameters are so high that we can use a 6dB crossover network. Four ribbons connected in parallel gives an active radiating area that allows for a seamless transition to a high quality woofer. The resonance frequency is lower than anything currently available: 8Hz. This makes the resonance totally transparent in relation to its operating area. The unit is designed in house for M1i by Bo Bengtsson.

The performance parameters regarding linearity and dynamics are so high that we use it freely radiating as an open dipole system, as any form of encapsulation would negatively impact the performance. Every unit is hand-built by Swedish craftsmen.

TA ribbons don´t store energy
Energy storage, the biggest speaker problem.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest problem with speakers is not the frequency response, but rather that they don´t release their energy fast enough. In the speaker world, the membrane must be able to stop as fast as it accelerates. If not (which is normally the case), energy is stored and delayed, something that causes ringing -  a kind of time smear.

Stored energy is what prevents you from hearing all the micro-details in the music, which is another way of saying time-related distortion. One method of dealing with this issue is to use ultra-thin ribbon membranes in an extremely strong magnetic field. Transmission Audios ribbon speakers are almost completely free from energy storage.

Your most valuable asset...
Take Care of Your Ears

They need to last a lifetime. A few simple steps can prevent you from suffering from hearing damages and allow you to enjoy fully the rich world of music: 1. Play at reasonable levels; 2. Use low distortion equipment; 3. Beware of amplifier clipping; 4. Remember that line source speakers, thanks to their construction, are less prone to surprise you with dangerous peaks close to the speakers.

HiFi News - Review of R3
Brief Overview: Media Attention

Bo Bengtsson had designed the small Red Rose R3 speaker for Mark Levinson (the man). It became an instant success. The Audio Magazines in US and UK wrote excellent reviews. Stereophile nominated R3 a runner up for "Speaker of the Year 2001". No one had heard about such a small speaker that also worked as a dipole speaker - with a ribbon unit! More info here and here and here.
It created so much attention that Fortune Magazine visited the store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, NY, and wrote an article about it. 

Ultimately Bo
left the company and created Transmission Audio.
Stereophile - Review of R3

We resolved to make a great speaker even better. After years of research, the follow-up M1i is market-ready. Gone is the twin ribbon, replaced by the QUADRA Dynamic Propulsion unit -, a totally new 4-ribbon unit with twice the power capacity and twice the resolving power.

Gone also is the P-P woofer, replaced by a highly advanced aluminum alloy wide-band woofer, so good that it in theory can be used all the way up to 12kHz and beyond - on its own.

This woofer turned out to be the perfect partner to our own ribbon unit. You can read more about the M1i further down and also download a full brochure in PDF format. Just move your cursor over the "Home" button and choose "Downloads".

Hifi Plus - Review of R3
Music in The Home: Does Size Matter?

Yes and no. It is largely a question about what you expect from your system. If speaker size is a consideration, a smaller system might be the best solution. Many of our customers who bought the M1i came back to us, asking why M1i sounds so "BIG" in comparison to other brands, even in comparison with considerably larger models from our competitors.

The answer is phase linearity. All of our speaker models, regardless of size, are phase linear; i.e., they are designed in such a way that the fundamentals and the overtones reach the listener exactly at the same time.
In combination with our unique open-dipole ribbon unit, virtually free from any resonances within its operating area, the result is a coherent "BIG" sound. "Smaller" in our case never means inferior sound quality.
Audio Accessory - Review of M1i

So what IS the difference between the smaller and the larger Transmission Audio speakers? Basically, the ability to play louder with lower distortion, and also the capacity to dig deeper into the bottom octaves. For physical reasons it is not expected that a 5" woofer/midrange element would play with the same impact as multiple 6,5" woofers, as, for instance, is the case in our M3Pro model.

Another major difference is that our larger products are line source speakers. The nature of a line source is such that you get almost the same total amount of music details regardless of your listening position. The so-called "sweet spot" is much bigger and results in a more relaxed listening experience.
This effect is so obvious that many of our customers have traded in their multichannel home video setups for our two channel systems!
Stereo Sound - Review of M1i
A Few Words About Competition

We are asked repeatedly why we insist on ribbon solutions when so many competitors seem to opt for the usual dome tweeter. The answer might surprise you: because 90% of the people who get a chance to hear the difference acknowledge and appreciate the difference in clarity. Our customers are our best proof that we are doing something right. 

A correctly designed ribbon unit
 beats any other technology known to us. As you can notice from marketing, the competitors have started to focus on the ribbon technology as well, mostly in the form of quasi-ribbons however. This is where our decades of advanced ribbon research comes in handy and gives us an advantage. We intend to keep it this way, now and in the future.
Audio Basic - Review of M1i
Warranty and Service

We honor customer service. Supporting our customers is a top priority. Bo Bengtsson still offers full service on speakers made back in 1976!

There are two reasons we at Transmission Audio insist on using proprietary drivers, made in-house: Reliability and long term service committments. Another reason is specifications/performance. We simply couldn´t promise the same sound quality unless we have 100% control over manufacturing as well as performance parameters.

Transmission Audio honors all service-related issues for former Red Rose Music customers, provided it is the R1 and the R3 speaker models Bo Bengtsson specifically designed for Mark Levinson (the man).

High Fidelity listening test of M3Pro
The Importance of R&D

As developments in material and equipment occur, it is increasingly important to take advantage of any progress and implement it as soon as possible. At Transmission Audio we have a tradition of making any improvements available to earlier customers as well, either as an upgrade kit or as a service opportunity.

As an example, we offer all former Red Rose Music customers an upgrade to our new alimunum units.
 We can promise you that it is worth the effort. The same offer stands for the new QUADRA ribbon unit.

Bruce Swedien´s signature
Professional Approval

When Michael Jackson's producer for "Dangerous", Bruce Swedien (who is also Quincy Jones'engineer), heard Bo Bengtsson's ribbon speakers at an audio exhibiton, he got so excited he asked if he could sign it.(See picture).

When the late jazz musician Red Mitchell heard our Megatrends, he stated: "The best loudspeakers I've never heard! You only hear the music - not the speakers. A shaking experience. I can't live without them!"  We think you will be equally excited...

Tens of thousands of  music lovers all over the world now own speakers designed by Bo Bengtsson. We think this fact speaks for itself. Our goal is to bring you closer to the original, musical, sound.

Control room speakers
Control Room Installations

In addition to our range of high-end speakers for domestic environments, Transmission Audio can deliver and install control room speakers. A typical small studio installation is shown to the left.

Studios have very high demands when it comes to reliability. Nothing must go wrong and interrupt the recording sessions. Our aluminum woofers make it possible to achieve high power output with low distortion.

Design on demand: We can assist in the design work of any control room speakers, regardless of size.
Worldwide distribution
Where can you listen to and buy our speakers?

Transmisison Audio´s ribbon speakers are sold through a selected group of audio specialists only, on 3 continents. In case you live in a country where we yet not have established a rep and/or retailer, you can order the speakers directly from us for the same price plus shipping. Please e-mail us for info about where you can find your nearest store. We believe in customer care on a professional level. This is the reason you will never find our products on any Internet-based stores. All speakers are sold with 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

The M1i, here shown in Maple finish

M1i : As Seen at The 2007 Tokyo Audio Fair

When music lovers around the world turned to us, asking if it was possible to create a loudspaker with big sound that would be suitable for smaller rooms, we decided to fine-tune our smallest speaker, the M1, for audio purists, . The result was M1i, an absolute no-compromise high-end compact loudspeaker, aimed at those who settle for only the best. Those of you who know about Transmission Audio are familiar with the fact that the original M1 was a total rework of a former US "legend", the Red Rose Music R3 that Bo Bengtsson designed for Mark Levinson at the century's turn, and which was a runner-up for the "Speaker of The Year 2001" in Stereophile.

The M1i is a result of years of continuous tweaking of what we believe to be the world's smallest dipole speaker. The latest improvements include a brand new aluminum alloy woofer concept.
One of the secrets behind the new level of transparency and increased detail is the new woofer's frequency response - it is "ruler flat" to above 10kHz, which making crossing it over to the QUADRA Ultra Propulsion ribbon unit a breeze. The woofer cone utilizes an exclusive aluminum-magnesium alloy which is virtually resonace-free over the major part of the audio band.

Exclusive speaker stands
M1i : Special Stand to Custom Order

Courtesy of Swedish craftsman Janne Mood*, Transmission Audio now can offer a specially designed stand for the M1i speakers.

Handmade in small quantities, this stand offers the correct listening height, and its design is made with minimum energy absorption in mind. One thing that differs it from the rest is that it has two different front faces; - turned one way it has a classic Asian-inspired  "dragon-like" look and turned the opposite way, a more Western, streamlined approach.

The stand is delivered in glossy black piano finish only, and is made to order. In deference to varying differences in tradition and listening habits, the stand can be ordered in any desired height.

* All rights for these stands are the property of Janne Mood.

M3Pro: Multiple terminals - multiple ports
Vertical Modular Thinking

This means each "floor" in a vertical column is physically separated from the next. Each has its own dedicated connection terminal and its own bass reflex port. This gives the owner freedom to use any kind of preferred amplification and results in an airflow that is so generous in surface that port turbulence simply cannot occur. Upon request, the owner can order the speakers with exactly the kind of terminals he/she wants.

Ribbon speakers in public environment

Ribbon Speakers for Theaters and Cinemas

It is a relatively unknown fact that true ribbon drivers offer performance improvements in public environments that beat any other technology available on the market, and especially so in comparison to regular horn designs. Working in line-source mode with support from high quality woofers, this technology with the introduction of Transmission Audio's Ultra Propulsion drive, sets a new standard when it comes to sound reproduction in, for example, theaters and cinemas. This makes possible a setup where the distortion will be lower than 0,05% at 110dB SPL. 

LaScala fullrange all ribbon speaker
        LaScala, our top-of-the-line full-range true ribbon speaker.

Handmade like a Stradivari violin, LaScala represents, in our opinion, the best sound reproduction system on the planet, price no object. Built to order and customer's specifications, the LaScala offers, among other features, the following:

Total radiating area, one speaker only: 9500 sq. centimeters (1472,5 sq. inches).
Whereof: LF/MID = 9000 and HF=500 square centimeters respectively.
Max SPL for any frequency within 30Hz to 30kHz: Limited by Xmax only.
Total height: 220 cm (86 in.) Total width: 95 cm (37.4 in.)
Number of 2” wide ribbons: 9.
Number of 1” wide ribbons: 1
Total ribbon length: 20 meters (787 in.). Total magnet line length: 22 meters (866 inches.)
Sensitivity: Ultra Propulsion mode: 90dB/1W/1meter; System resonance: 4Hz.
Impedance: 8,0 Ohm at any frequency 10Hz to 40kHz (Ultra Propulsion mode); Distortion: typically 0,05% at 110dB SPL.
Finish: Black glossy “Grand Piano” built from 55mm Super MDF with anodised perforated aluminum grill front and back.*
Ribbon chassis: Precision machined aluminum.
* LaScala can also be ordered in polished black granite or polished solid aluminum.

If higher SPL is desired, it is recommended to add a separate ribbon woofer panel (or two). Any other solution will slightly impact the ultra-high definition in the bass region.
The M3Pro

M3Proi, shown here, is completely modular and can be delivered with top and base in glossy piano laqcuer. The wood veneer is available in Cherry, Rosewood, White Pine, Maple or black glossy piano laquer. To special order, the speakers can be delivered in polished black granite, polished marble or die-casted aluminum (camera finish) or bronze. Please scroll down this page to view a picture, and to read more about the specifications.
"Euphonia" forum members
The Showroom at Work

Interested music lovers now have access to our showroom on a regular basis. In our acoustically treated showroom situated in an area completely free from traffic and other types of street noise, people can spend as much time as they like, listening to music. The picture to the left shows members from the Swedish Euphonia Audio forum during a listening session. We really appreciate this opportunity to foster close communication with people interested in audio and music!

"Sweet Spot" Forum members
The Showroom at Work - Part II

A benefit of the Internet is the opportunity for audio communities to stay in contact and share their interest in music. The picture to the left shows some members of the Swedish "Sweet Spot" audio forum during their recent visit, whilst the other half had a coffee break in the kitchen area. Forum address: http://sweetspotforum.forum24.se/ 

The Flexicone technology reduces cone breakup
Flexing Characteristics of The TA100 Wide Band Cone

The red and green areas indicate forward and backward motion respectively. The graphics show the cone just entering the forward phase of its cycle.  At 4kHz (left), the cone is just moving out of its piston range as indicated by the green edge. At 10kHz, (middle), the effective reduction in cone diameter is clearly shown by the concentric flexing waves travelling outwards to be absorbed at the periphery. The net sound pressure level due to these waves is negligible. The progression is shown at 17kHz.

Probably the world biggest ribbon tweeter
Designing The Largest Ribbon Tweeter in The World

The picture illustrates the largest, most powerful HF ribbon driver we have made to date. Measuring 80 x 80 cm, this unit was developed for a client that needs access to SPL¨s in excess of 136dB in the 20kHz region with as narrow dispersion as possible. The directivity makes it possible to create very intense sound spots over large distances. The driver chassis was machined from one solid piece of 25mm aluminum and has a total ribbon length of 38 meters. Efficiency is 103dB/1W/1m. The unit can safely handle 136dB output at 2kWatt input. This customized unit has a controlled dispersion of plus/minus 5 degrees of axis, as specified by the customer.
Our capacity to custom design direct-radiating, extremely high SPL pressure level drivers with high quality sound is one of our most appreciated services.


The Dynamic Propulsion Ribbon
The M1i  Dynamic Propulsion Ribbon Tweeter

Shown here is a closeup photo of QUADRA, the new M1i ribbon unit. It is made from a diecasted aluminum alloy in order to avoid any tension which could cause ringing.
It is totally transparent and free from resonances as it is not enclosed in any type of cabinet or rear chamber, allowing it to radiate freely.

The QUADRA ribbon unit is a true dipole unit and as such the only one of its kind in the world. It utilizes 5 of the strongest NEO magents on the market for maximum acceleration capacity in order to allow for reproduction of the finest microdetails in the music. The radiating surface is twice that of its predecessor and matches the aluminum woofer perfectly for a seamless transition
TA100 - the M1_i woofer
TA100 - The M1i Aluminum Woofer

Our smallest speaker system (M1i) is equipped with an aluminum woofer. One reason herefore is that it takes an exceptional woofer to match the M1i aluminum ribbon properties, as crossover for power capability reasons is a fairly high 3500Hz. In order to achieve a smooth transition between the woofer and the tweeter, it is important that they are made from the same material, thus having the same speed propagation. This higher the crossover frequency, the more important this becomes. Good as they are, music lovers often associate aluminum woofers with a tendency of ringing at higher frequencies. We are happy to inform you that our woofer exhibits less ringing at higher frequencies than anything previously developed. 

Our goal with M1i was to offer the market a speaker that has as big a sound stage as physically bigger units with the exception of SPL capcity at the lowest frequencies. Judging from the glowing reception this speaker has received on the world market, it seems we have achieved our goal. This aluminum woofer has raised the bar for what was previously thought of as neigh to impossible to achieve. As with all our speakers, this improvement is available to former customers.
The TA Reference Ribbon Unit
The Reference Ribbon

Shown to the left is our Concept Speaker Athena II - the ultimate in tall line source ribbon transducers. We built it with the sole intention of showing what is possible to achieve regarding ribbon transducer technology. Not available for purchase (at the moment), it was built as a proof of concept with an assembly time of over 100 man-hours per unit. Everything about this system is spectacular, from the gold-plated 33mm ribbon membrane to the chrome-plated open chassis with its ultra strong NEO engine. (Its useable frequency range is from 200Hz - 30.000Hz. The system resonance is below 8Hz(!)

Athena II, built as a price-no-object concept speaker, gave us invaluable experience that ultimately was implemented into our different designs. You can read more about them on this site. Our research team is constantly working on improvements. One of the most appreciated aspects is that these improvements can be implemented into all current models.

It is worth noting that all our ribbons are open dipole designs. We don't encapsulate the back of the ribbon as this gives resonance-related problems. (You can easily check this for yourself by moving your hands back and forth in front of your mouth whilst talking into the hands, and listening to the degradation of the sound.)
The 1" and 2" High End Ribbon Series
Our 1" and 2" Ribbon Units MkII

Developed and introduced by Bo Bengtsson in 2003, our Dynamic Propulsion(tm) and Ultra Propulsion(tm) ribbon units have undergone so many refinements that we now introduce the Mk II-version, offering more musicality and definition than ever before.Thanks to new materials and a refined magnet structure the clarity has been vastly improved, as has the power capability. The Mk II-version will be implemented immediately and owners of older units will be offered an upgrade.

One stand-out factor of these ribbons is their extreme X-max. The 1" unit has a displacement of plus/minus 4 millimeter and the 2" unit has a maximum displacement of no less than plus/minus 8 millimeter. Combined with an unheard-of resonance frequency of 8Hz for both units, these ribbons, when stacked as a true line source, can move lots of air, about just as much or more than many dedicated woofers on the market. This results in an outstanding reproduction of dynamics and transients. Imagine how effortless these ribbons can reproduce any input from 1kHz to 25kHz! 

Why two versions? Customers who heard our first 1" version asked us if it was possible to design a ribbon with even more power capability at lower frequencises, i.e. below 1kHz.

High End Earphone driver

Transmission Audio's  ribbon systems are largely insensitive to climate and temperature changes. They sound the same, regardless of whether they operate at normal room temperature, at minus 30 degrees Celcius or at plus 50 degrees Celcius.They are rustproof, fireproof, resistent to chemicals and can take any climate/humidity. Their data does not change over time. So what about distortion? In a line-source configuration, 1,5 meters or higher, the distortion is below 0,05% at 120dB SPL. Also,our ribbons are not encapsulated at the back; no cabinet reflections, no resonances.

M1i, here shown in Rosewood and Grand Piano Black glossy laqcuer
Transmission Audio M1 i

2001 saw the birth of a small speaker that stirred up quite some interest all over the world, (the RRM R3) – a runner up for the Stereophile Speaker of the year Award that same year.  In 2007 – thousands of samples later - this speaker has matured into something of a technological marvel. Bo Bengtsson has reworked the concept and created a totally new, highly refined concept, the M1i, now marketed under the Transmission Audio label.

Available in Grand Piano Glossy Black finish (see picture), Maple, Cherry and Rosewood, M1i re-defines what is possible to achieve when it comes to resolution, soundstage and impact in relation to physical size for a 10 liter(!) enclosure.  Hand-built throughout, with what we believe to be the toughest QC in the industry, this speaker fits into the most demanding of tasks, be it mastering in the recording studio, your Home Theater setup or your advanced 2-channel stereo system. For more technical info, click here. For a larger picture, click hereDownload M1i brochure in PDF format here

The woofer: Stretching more than 3 octaves above the old R3 woofer, with an upper  “roll-off” that is basically a straight line, this sophisticated aluminum driver represents the absolute state of the art when it comes to musicality and listening pleasure.

The new dipole Dynamic Propulsion(TM)  ribbon tweeter unit: With 100% larger radiating area, 6dB higher sensitivity and more than twice the power capability of its older siblings, you can expect clarity in the top octaves that puts any dome tweeter to shame. Our unique fully open, dipole dispersion of the high frequencies gives a freedom from cavity-related resonances no other technology can match – it has to be heard to be believed. Please contact us for ordering information.

M3Pro i in Cherry finish
Transmission Audio M3 Proi

During his work for RRM, Bo Bengtsson created RRM R1, (later on called Revelation). This speaker has been completely redesigned, and we are happy to present the M3 Proi. The picture to the left shows one of many possible finishes, and illustrates the look with the 
woofer grille cloth on.

To make the speaker more rigid than almost any similar product on the market, each woofer tower is designed as a free-standing unit where each woofer element is housed in its own separate enclosure. This means that each has its own bass reflex port which gives plenty of room for the airflow, resulting in no port cavity sound at all.

All modules are then bolted together from top to bottom, forming an extremely sturdy design. In fact, the speaker can be delivered to the end consumer in small, easy-to-handle shipping cartons and be assembled by the consumer on location!

8 powerful woofers, per channel, made to the toughest specifiations you can imagine, gives a listening experience and impact that few, if any, loudspeakers can match. The midrange and treble are handled by a total of three 20-inch-long (50cm) 1" ribbons, developed in-house, stacked on each other, forming a seamless dipole line source configuration and giving a total radiating area of no less than 375 square centimeters with an impressive 123dB SPL capacity to match. All ribbons are driven by our NEO engine, containing the strongest neodymium magnets available.

These ribbons are offered either as Dynamic Propulsion(TM) or as Ultra Propulsion(TM) units. The former is suitable where 1 power amplifier is utilized, the latter is optimum where 2 power amplifiers are available.

Transmission Audio's M3 Proi can be delivered in many different finishes: Maple, Rosewood or Cherry. Other finishes are available to special order.

Please feel free to contact us for more info about where you can order your pair

Hand built throughout, with what we believe to be the toughest QC in the industry, this speaker fits into the most demanding of tasks, be it mastering in the recording studio, your Home Theater setup or your advanced 2-channel stereo system.

8 Heavy duty, high-performance 200W 6,5" woofers per channel, each in its own tuned cabinet, built from 40mm MDF, separated by 10mm sound absorbing panels. The woofer modules are held in place by 4 run-through 12mm thick threaded rods made from high grade 18/8 stainless steel. The speaker is resting on a 55mm thick high density base, lacquered in glossy black piano finish.
Download M3Proi  PDF brochure here. For more technical info, click here.

M3Pro i, Modular woofer sections
Modular Thinking: What It Looks Like

The M3Proi is built utilizing a modular concept. The modular solution has a number of advantages over conventional designs:

First, the (large) speakers can be delivered to the customer in smaller, easy-to-handle shipping cartons. No more bulky, back-breaking megacrates!

Second, should service ever be required, (such as a damage to the veneer), the customer only has to ship the faulty module.

Third: It is possible for a customer to ADD more power capability and SPL resources to the system simply by adding more modules.

And last but by no means least: It is easy for the manufacturer to implement updates as a function of technological progress. The customer don't have to sell his system, just update it.

3D CAD drawing of the modular concept
Modular Thinking - How It Works

This CAD drawing shows how the modular concept on the M3Proi is designed.

Every woofer is individually mounted in its own optimized cabinet. All walls are made from 40mm MDF to giver maximum stability and add mass. The modules are then stacked on top of each other from the base and up using steering rods. In between every "floor" a separate damping plate is inserted in order to further enhance insulation from floor-to-floor.

The whole system is then secured by 4 oversized threaded rods, (running from the top plate, through all woofer modules and secured at the bottom base plate with huge nuts), made from non-magnetic 18/8 stainless steel. 

One could say that it is assmbled the same way a cylinder head in a car engine is kept in place. This technique provides enormous strength to the construction as such, and further assists the damping plates between each floor by increasing the contact pressure.

The result is a "dead-silent" cabinet, free from all sorts of vibrations before the internal cabinet insulation is applied, which is in itself a patent-applied-for technology.

Detail, M3Pro i Base

All our speakers are hand-built with strict attention to detail. Shown here is a closeup of the M3Pro base, laqured in glossy black piano finish of the highest quality. The lacquer is as hard as glass, and can withstand more than normal abuse.

A great deal of research has gone into the design of each element of these speakers, from the stability of the construction
 to the people-friendly cut corners on the base.  Further, the overall design - for a large speaker - fills as small a footprint as possible.  Even the vital organs are tucked away in their own dedicated enclosures.

Note: This Website, including but not limited to all text, pictures and diagrams, is the intellectual property of Transmission Audio and is Copyright (C) 2010. Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws. "The "Neo Engine", "Ultra Propulsion" and "Dynamic Propulsion" are trademarks of Transmission Audio.